Innovative Solutions for Industries

+ 50 years of industrial Experience

TMV (Technology + Management Virtue)
Provides solutions and delivers services related to:

• Water Sectors
•Renewable Energy Technologies
• Mining (Iron & Copper), Tailings & Dewatering
Heavy Mining Machinery and Transportation
• Steel Industries (Up & Down streams)

 TMV helps customers and industries to manage, optimize and make the transition of their resources toward an effective economy.

About Us

TMV is an engineering and commercial company with a long-term experience in the International Mining and water treatment sectors. In addition to the company's Directors' known reputation in the commercial sector of mining and steel industries, we are specialized in the design and supply of new highly innovative, and tailor-made solutions for water treatment plants and environmentally related project solutions. In TMV , we are focused on the optimization of water use in industries and advocate the awareness of social responsibilities while maximizing their operation at sites.


  • Design Management and Procurement for Sea Water Reverse Osmosis desalination Plants
  • Provide decentralized and packaged water & wastewater solutions and develop reuse concepts
  • The trade of iron ore,  concentrate, and steel finished product, and the export of parts and equipment in the field of mining and iron mining and steel industries
  • Supply of OTR & TBR Tyres i.e. R4927/R3318/R3524/R5133, 
  • Focus on Renewable Energy, Energy efficiency, and Optimization of Design 
  • Waste to energy plants for local communities and small power plants

Focused Activity

•Maintain a liaison in an international environment to advance project developments and coordinate prioritization to achieve a "Feed to Product" capacity balance. 

• Supply (Export & Import);
- Steel products chain; Pellets, to wires/Mesh 
- Base raw materials to support production
- Mining equipment and transportation
- Heavy Machinery (OTR) and spares/Tyres

• To participate in the MENA region Water Projects  
(SWRO) and become involved in the implementation of 3 Million/m3/Day desalination plants;   

• Transfer of technology + know-how;
- Joint venture with "TECHNOLOGIST"
- Support local production of consumable parts
- On Tailings & dry stacking in mining operation


•Providing management services
•Consulting services in the local and international spectrum on industrial relationships and investment opportunities
•Specialized consulting services in the Mining (Iron & Copper), steel industries, and Water Treatment Sector

TMV Projektwissen & Handel GmbH

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